My Background

I had a passion to learn and explore new things on the web and with that came a thought of 'how?'... that's how it all started back in my school time during my 9th standard that's when I wrote my first html code. And as per the basic developer tutorial code it just displayed a h1 tag with "Hello World!",I never thought that I'll dig  in so deep within this all web developer trend but with time grew the skills it took whole 3 years to get my first work piece. All in together the whole journey has been just wonderful and thing is you never stop learning there is always something new to learn out there...


My goal

My goal with my niche sites is to grow it so much to earn at least $10,000 per month from display ads and affiliate marketing.  I’m a long ways off from that.. but dream big one day you will get there and look back how far you have made and that's the feeling that gonna stay for a lifetime.