What is a Back-End Developer ?

So you  remember how batman and Spiderman worked super hard for others but didn't revealed their real identity and worked in the shadows. That's just like our Back-End Developer who work behind the lines unnoticed but still does whole lot of work for our world (Website.. Duh!).

On technical terms a Back-End Dev is responsible for server side codes, when a user login or buy something from your web store all that is possible due to presence of  a Back-End. The main focus is on database, scripting and the architecture of websites.

Back-End Code written by the dev allow the web browser to interact with the database information. The one of easiest example is the current blog you are reading right now, the structure and styling is done via the front-end but the content is rendered by server and fetched from database.

There are lot of path you can choose for your journey on a back-end Developer. While one of most legacy language still being loved by many of back-end developers is PHP. But if you have some front end knowledge you may be a lil bit more comfortable with Node.js which is even in trend in today's market.

Always remember to practice what you have learned there is always new language and framework just right around the corner so be sure to master one language first then constantly adapting to new trends.

After that you have chosen a language you wanna work in its time to up the game and start working with a framework which will boost up your back-end game and increase your efficiency and productivity. There are whole ton of framework to choose from so before choosing one be sure to research first and then choose the one you are comfortable with.

We will cover "Frameworks" in our next blog. So stay tuned and be sure to share this blog. Kudos!